Bugs 7.x

  • Hello there. The 7.x version seems awesome, however, there multiple bugs such as volume, unable to rotate the screen and the subtitle bug

  • administrators

    Thanks for writing back to us.

    • The volume controls on screen will be available from next update.
    • There is no known reported bug on screen rotation. Please explain a little for resolution.
    • Please specify the subtitle bug in detail so that our team could help.


    Sheraz Jamshed

  • Hey PlayerExtreme team! Kudos on the app. I am coming from the Android camp and this is my first iPhone. I was looking for something comparable to the Android app, MX Player Pro on the iOS platform and yours is the closest app I have found. I love it and upgraded to the Pro version in app.

    A few days later this new version appeared! Understandably, I am missing some features and am happy to hear that they will be forthcoming.

    Just to contribute to what JRLT commented on and to offer some additional feedback....

    I suggested something for the volume controls in a previous thread:

    • I might suggest breaking the screen up into quadrants. On the left side of the screen, up and down will adjust brightness (or some other option as chosen in settings). While the right side of the screen, up and down will adjust volume (or some other option as chosen in settings).

    With regard to the screen rotation. I have an iPhone 7 (regular) and when in file/folder list view (i.e., not watching a movie). The screen will not rotate when I rotate the phone into a landscape orientation. When watching a movie however, the screen will rotate to match the orientation just fine.

  • For screen rotation, I think that user is talking about when navigating files. The screen is only displayed in the portrait orientation.
    It would be nice to navigate in landscape so I can go right into watching video files without having to pick up my device to reset the display between files.

  • Hi there!

    Really awesome job with the updates!

    I've been experimenting with the tv-out feature and noticed that there is a problem with the volume control. While my device is connected to a tv or monitor via HDMI, the volume settings on the app can't be adjusted like it used to in older versions. The volume is usually just stuck at 50%. When i try to adjust it on my device's screen, the change in volume is erratic and i cannot properly raise or lower the volume.

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